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Default hi people

my name is juan and im 25 when i was born i had hemangioma and i had cirgury when i was 4 but after a year it my hemangioma grow more bigger and now i'm 25 and i still have it and i havent found anything to treated completely the only thing i had done that doctors said it was my only choice was a treatment called sclerotherapy wich they inject alcohol into the hemangioma and afeter a while it reduses the size of it my hemangioma is pretty big its on my neck and chick and on the back of one of my ears and when i do excersise it gets bigger too and hard but i'm guessing for smaller hemangiomas the sclerotherapy would work good and maybe cure it completely if u want more info on the treatment and my doctor email me at and sorry about my writing is not good jeje and if anyone knows about any other possible treatment let me know too thanks
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