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Hello! First of all, don't worry about "what's the point." If you are in severe pain, you definitely need to seek treatment, no matter how old you are. I have a VM from my right knee to my thigh, and the first thing they did with me was an MRI with contrast. Your doctor may not be able to offer treatment options until he gets a better idea of what exactly he is dealing with. I have been undergoing sclerotherapy treatments (3 so far, 4th one scheduled for May). With this, doctor's can use different sclerosing agents, so if your doctor suggests this as an option, you may want to ask what he will use and the risks associated. (Ex. ethanol has a higher risk of skin irritation) Since you are currently experiencing pain, I would also ask what medications you can take daily to control the pain. Alright that's all I can think of for now!

P.S. I'm a 21 yr old in Cleveland, currently being treated at the Cleveland Clinic. I can give you my interventional radiologist's name if you want a second opinion.
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