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Default Curious to know status of your daughter...

Hi Jmills,

I am new to this site (I posted my story under 9month of with Lymphatic Malformation; you can read it if you like). Anyhow I am so inspired and hopeful with your story......

We had a local ENT doctor in Las Vegas do the sclerotherapy procedure and injected Doxycycline into her left mass neck (12/09) and within two months the size significantly decreased. She looks normal. However, we did a MRI follow up check up a couple of weeks ago and discovered a few residiual fluids remain in her chest above her left lung. Now the ENT doctor is referring us to a radiologist pending date. We'll have a consultation to get a better understanding what the radiologist will do. Not sure if this person is experienced.

If you don't mind much was the cost for Dr. Shiel for you daughters treatment? You mention 2/yr treatment is will LM reoccur again after the 2/treatment? How long will this last??

Again, thank you for shedding some positive light.....And I am truely happy that your child is recovering well....God Bless...

Please write back if you get a chance...either to my posting or this email.
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