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hi everyone! ;D
i have a hemangioma on my left cheek- right next to my nose. it appeared i think about 2 weeks after i was born--i'm now 13--and it was redddd red red. so my parents took me to a dermatologist, and we had the laser treatment done. it erased all redness, but what i'm left with is uneven skin. it's shaped like two kind of circular shaped indents, not really deep, but deep enough to bother me and it's weirdly shaped, part of it is rised up. we've gone back since then, to talk about further treatments, but it boiled down to i had 2 options- surgery or dermabration. but i REALLY don't want to have either done..they sound painful & like they take a long time to heal. i've been experimenting with all different types of makeup, trying to see if i can fill in the indents..and cover it so it's almsot not noticable. does anyone have any ways to maybe fill it in, or any tips on how to make it look less noticable?

thanks so much! <33

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