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Thank you Lianne for your story. I am so inspired and hopeful after reading your situation with Cody. Bless his heart. I'm so happy everything worked out for you and your family. Regarding your other son, Casey, you mentioned he has small LM on his neck. How old is he? What is the laser surgery? My 9 month old had sclerotherapy on 12/2009 on her left neck and within two months showed significant improvement. Her neck looks normal now. However, not sure how long she can maintain this??? Was your son's neck visible in growth? My daughter had an enlarged neck mass due to contracting RSV a few weeks prior. Is surgery the sure way to not have a reoccurence?? Was the surgery expensive?? I am trying to get a referral from our local las vegas doctor to perhaps make it happen with Dr. Levintin should that day come. I really want the BEST specialist for my daughter to have.

Any advice would be most thankful.
God bless
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