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Hi there,

I have a six year old daughter with a pws under her left eye. I know how many questions you must have. I remember the most important thing was having a pediatrician that you trust. Make sure you do your own research. I was given very bad advise by some doctors, one Dermatologist told us it wasn't a pws...she has a text book pws. That is good that you are meeting with the eye dr. For us they did a skull x-ray to rule out SWS when she was about 6months. All the new studys say that you can start your laser treatments early. They say that they have better results the earlier you start. My baby has amazed me. She is in school now and she has LOTS of friends. It is really neat to hear the reactions from the kids at school when they find out she is having it removed....they don't understand..."doesn't she like it?" She has gotten a few mean comments but she handled it very well, her teacher, father and myself got way more upset than she did. Good luck with everything...ask every question you can think of when your with your Dr.

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