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Default Questions anyone regarding:Lymphagioma

If any parents are reading this, please share your experience. I would very much appreciate it. I'll post this to the specialist doctors as well.
Thank you.

1) Throughout my pregnancy, I had a clear ultrasound and nothing came out as abnormal through my tests. So we were very surprise to discover that my 9 month baby girl had lymphagioma on left neck (not immediately did it show when she was born.) I don't understand how she got this?? Could this be acquired later/after birth?
2) She was born 2 weeks earlier. Could this cause an interruption on her lymphatic system?
3) She had RSV at day care. Could this have triggered the mass? I'm assuming the infection DID cause the mass to enlarge.
4) Miley had sclerotherapy treatment on her left neck. After sclerotherapy treatment would it be possible for the body to naturally regenerate new normal lymphatic channels so it won't happen again?
5) Will her lymphagioma condition require lifetime treatment?
6) Will it ever permanently go away?
7) She has the mass on her left neck, though subsided significantly and looks normal after sclerotherapy treatment two months ago) Will she have a possible flair up in other areas? Or will it always be on her neck should an infection affect it?

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