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Talking Be proud x

hey when i was born my birthmark was tiny it was a little red mark on my shoulder, now it its from my shoulder blade on my left side and it has grown all the way down to the middle of my arm. i was bullied at school because of it, girls said it was ugly, made me ugly and that i would never have a boyfriend or friends due to it. my mum and my sister called it my special mark and made me feel great about it.
people always react differently towards it when then see it, then assume its a burn of a disease of some sort, i love telling them and proving them wrong lol .
believe my guys im 20 now and what ever people say it makes you unique!!
i saw these girls not so long ago and believe me they had nothing to bully me about i had a boyfriend and was happy. all they had to complain about was a broken nail n when there next hair appointment was lol

so be proud and be bold!! are marks are there for a reason to make us that little bit extra special xxx
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