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Frustration again. We went to a parent support meeting last night on stress management. One of the areas that they dealt with was medical expenses and stress. The presenter wanted to meet with us specifically after because we were the only family with major medical expenses. She told us about this program that the state of SD offers to help with noncovered medical and travel expenses that she said would be able to help. I contacted them today because they have a list of conditions that qualify-go figure-CMTC isn't listed. I emailed them to see if there is any help if it is not on their list. The lady e-mailed me back and said CMTC is a syndrome so they can't really help us. They will pay for travel for asthma and diabetes patients (even when they are close to home) but nothing for us even though we travel much farther. She said we could fill out an application but from the input I got from her none of Becca's stuff falls into any of their categories except maybe cardiology. And they said her cardiac issues might not be severe enough but it would depend on how the doctor coded it. I have a kid with asthma maybe I should sign him up! I can afford his stuff. It is so frustrating to navigate this!
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