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Originally Posted by edensmom View Post
Our daughter has had an ulcer for 2 months. The dr. told us to keep it moist to help it heal. The moistened ulcer scab kept coming off on anything it touched. Because it is on her head it seemed to touch everything (bedding, carseat, clothing, etc). This has been very painful for her. About a week ago, I stopped using ointment and let the scab harden. It has been less painful for her and seems to be healing better.
To Edens Mom:

Our daughter has a hemangioma under her chin in the neck area. It started to Ulcerate and cause her pain. We called our Pediatric Dermatologist who specializes in hemangiomas. She gave us a prescription for Lidocaine ( a numbing cream) and Mupirocin ( a topical antibiotic ) What we would do was right before bath time we would apply a thin layer of the lidocaine wait 20 mins and then bathe her dripping soapy water on the area NEVER rubbing it. After her bath the ulcerated are would be numb and we would then apply the Mupirocin. Then on top of that we would apply a thick layer of Vaseline and then a bandage. After a week of this it healed beautifully and has not given us a problem since. Please ask your doctor about this and see if it will work for you guys. I know its frustrating especially seeing your lil one go through pain. The key for us was keeping it covered with vaseline and a bandaid. I promise it worked. Let me know if it works for you!!

Good luck and God Bless!!

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