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Default Follow up on Miley

Good news with Dr. Levitin's support and evaluation on Miley's LM condition, he was able to convince our HMO plan that her condition was serious and that it needed urgent medical attention. It has been approved and we finally got authorization to go to UCLA Ronald Reagan medical hospital. Dr. Levitin recommended an interventional radiologist at UCLA and we will proceed with that....We are just waiting to get a consultation date...I am anxious to get Miley (10months old baby girl) in ASAP...she is coughing alot and is uncomfortable....her mass (according to Dr. Levitin's assessment on her MRI) is internal and covers within her chest, left lung and it's extensive ....possibly spreading agressively...Her throat/neck area inflates each time she cries or coughs alot....(looks like a bullfrog)...I noticed the back of her head/underneath her hair line a little pellet like growth is emerging...not sure if it's related to her current LM of her left neck...Please pray...I am soo scared and do not know the outcome but hopeful she will be in good hands with the right specialist.......
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