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Oh my goodness! I read your question and wanted to cry!!! I myself have a PWS that goes from the bottom of my spine down my right leg to the bottom of my toes... being a 5'11'' female... thats a BIG birthmark.. and I used to doctor with it alll the time. The specialist who did all 4 of my laser surgerys said he wished he would have seen me at 6 weeks old.. but also after the 4 laser treatments and all that pain they then told me that it was pointless for me to be doing this because a PWS is broken blood vessels on the surface that just keep filling up with blood. I understand you are worried as a parent that you want the best for your child but laser treatments really don't help, and once your son is a little older that birthmark isn't going to mean NOTHING to him, its a part of him and people will learn to accept it, yes kids can be cruel when he starts going to school but hey thats just kids... a birthmark is something special and i read on here somewhere that PWS occur in .3% of people... thats pretty rare. I can't change your mind for you but I remember laying on that table awake and how bad it hurt and they are basically just burning your skin for NOTHING... please do A LOT of research on this before you put a little baby through that hes not going to remember it but seriously a PWS is not that bad.
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