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Red face New to the website adult with PWS

I understand this forum is for support... but I really just want to say the things you parents are putting your kids through is awful. At such a young age you have babies and toddlers going through laser treatments on a PWS... for what?? How about you let your child grow up some and make that choice for themselves.. it seems like most parents push the issue all because they are afraid of what someone else might think or say about their child. This is why society is the way it is.. why can't people just be accepted for who they are not what they have thats not "normal". I went through 4 laser treatments as a teenager and it was all for nothing, my specialist later told me that PWS is broken vessels under the skin that will keep filling up with blood and never would my birthmark be completely gone. Its a painful procedure and I would never put a child through that... people can be cruel no matter what even when I was adult and became pregnant a lot of peoples first question about my daughter was will she have a birthmark?? Does that really matter birthmark or not we are all still beautiful, I know i'm going to offend someone by posting this but oh well its just how I feel PWS cause no harm in physical appearance we are all made different!
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