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The other two posts you made were supportive, but I think you're wrong to tell parents that what they are putting their kids through is "awful." As a patient with pws ages, the birthmark can cobble and bleb, leading to complications. People aren't treating their children simply because of the social pressure to look a certain way. PWS that are treated correctly and early in life can avoid a myriad of complications later in life.

Most parents on the support forum are here because their child has a large PWS, like yours. They get conflicting information from their doctors about how and when to treat it. But they are treating it because it's their job as parents to make sure their children are as healthy as possible, even later in life.

It isn't all about looks. Those parents who don't need their children treated or are getting good information from a doc they trust are, guess what, not here.

So, yes, this was and is offensive.

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