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I have very similar malformations in my hand and arm. Mine were not qualified for sclerotherapy. I had some surgical resections in my life. My arm looks a bit better (instead of huge blue spot, some smaller and huge scar). And I am still unable to do any hard work using my arm. Therefore I sometimes ask myself if this operations had any sense?

Honestly I dont know if this kind of tratment really helps. In my case whole arm has VM, so removing some of them causes, that others are filling with blood and are visible as blue spots on my skin.

If in your case this happens in a "limited area". If this is a problem of only few capillares than you can have the sclerotherapy.

I would appreciate if You could share here the informations you get from doctors you are visiting. I live in Europe and have heard, you have better specialists. Maybe one day there will be some great new medicine available. I would like not to miss it.
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