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1) it's very hard to completely remove a LM. Many times it will always be there, though it's not that bad to live with.
2) sclerotherapy only works with larger, macrocystic masses. A few with micro LM may be lucky and have it work, but it's not as likely.
3) Your child can grow up normal. Just have to deal with a little bit of extra care.
4) There isn't really a "cure", just treatment for it.
5) The number of treatments depends on the childs specific case. Some require more than others.
6) A child with LM can do everything any other child can do. Though with it near the neck, you must be watchful of it getting near the trachea.
7) sickness can cause a flair up. but it's nothing to be overly worried about.

I have a LM myself, and am 20 years old. I'm a full time college student and do everything any other person my age does. I just look a little bit different.
what makes you different, makes you beautiful
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