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I did some research online and found the following information in regards to fee schedules. The amounts are from 2001 so I am sure there has been a price increase since but it is a good reference point.

Fees for treatment of congenital vasular malformations (Port Wine Stains) Feea are per treatment session.

There are typically two fees; professional (physician) and Technical (use the the laser).
Look at the CPT code provided by your doctor. The CPT code is based on the size of the PWS to be treated.

CPT Area
Code Treated
17106 <10cm2
17107 10-50cm2
17108 50-100cm2
17018-22 >100cm2

This is the estimated physicians fee for each code:

CPT Professional
Code Fee
17106 $834.00
17107 $1,468.00
17108 $2,406.00
17018-22 $2,406.00

This is the estimated technical fee for each code:

CPT Technical
Code Fee
17106 $403.00
17107 $516.00
17108 $639.00
17018-22 $727.00

Then the estimated total fee for each code which is the physician and technical fees combined:

CPT Estimated
Code Total
17106 $1,237.00
17107 $1,984.00
17108 $3,045.00
17018-22 $3,133.00

I found this helpful and hope others will too.
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