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Thanks for your reply. The only reason I'm thinking that sclerotherapy will be the recommendation is because of the internet research that I've done. The research also tells me what I didn't know 5 years is almost never successful in getting all of the Lymphangioma. I'm assuming that's why we have a recurrence?! Plus, the orthopedic surgeon didn't have any experience in the area of Lymphangioma so I'm thinking it would be better to find someone that does if we had to go that route. But I keep digging and finding sclerotherapy to be the better option. I did do the "ask the expert" on here before I read about so many recommending Dr. Levitin so I emailed Dr. Edmonds and gave him my son's history...he recommended sclerotherapy also.
I have no idea if there's anyone in my area that does this...I'm hoping the oncologists will know on Wed. I'm in southwest Florida, in Fort Myers.

Thank you!
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