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Our son has LM - Mostly Macro & Micro. At 2 weeks he had surgery to remove the macro but it didn't help. The micro was choking off his airway and the doctors at first thought that it was strider from being intibated. Thankfully, we called Kaiser and they said to come in immediately when we saw his chest caving in this last Christmas. After doing a MRI the micro LM had almost closed off his airway. He now has a trach and a g-tube. We had our second treatment of sclerotherapy last week (6 months) which looks likes its going to have success on the larger micro cysts. At the same time our ENT did two laser tests to see how our son will respond. If your child airway is not in danger its not bad to wait. It has been really stressful on our family with all the time spent at the hospital and trying to comfort a crying, hurting baby. Although, I'm not sure at what age it would be any easier. Our ENT and Radiologist at Kaiser Hollywood, Ca have been awesome. Hope that helps, we will be praying for you.
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