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Originally Posted by 2luvs View Post
Hi there,

My son has been seeing Dr. Chan since he was less than a year old. He's now 2.4 yrs old and has had about 9 treatments. The results were great but now the eczema problem makes me a bit worried. We stopped the tx 3 months ago due to an infection after the laser was done. I'm so helpless to see my little boy with itchy eczema!!

Let me know if you need help.

p.s. Dr. Nelson referred us to Dr. Chan too
Hi there!

May i know whether you are able to claim from insurance in singapore while you send your boy to do the treatment in HK?

May i know how painful the whole process is for your child?

And how extensive your son's pws is?

I do not have much finance to always bring my gal to HK for treatment. would you have any singapore doc for recommendation?
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