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Default son has a hemangioma on his tongue too

Hi! I am so happy to finally find someone else who is dealing with this same situation. We have been dealing with this since he was around six months old when the his pediatric doctor noticed it during a routine visit. We were sent to a specialist who knew exactly what it was and told us to wait to see if it was going to grow. Well before he was four they did a MRI on him and sure enough it had began growing and it was running deeply through his tongue on the left side. He had his first laser treatment before he turned five. As of today he has had a total of 3 laser treatments. The biggest problem we have had that is when it is time to do the treatments again, he will get infections on his tongue. We have never met anyone else with this medical condition. The doctors have always been really nonchalant about it, so I guess we have too. My son is sometimes embarrassed by his tongue but the older he is getting it is not as bad. However, the doctor told us that he probably just have to keep getting these laser treatment or he may be able to just deal with it better when he gets older. He has six brothers and sisters who treat him the same as any other kid. Therefore, I think that has helped him not feel different. I am proud of how well he has done dealing with this hemangioma. The only bad part for us was after each laser treatment he was in a lot of pain. We worried about the swelling after the treatments but he did fine with that too. I am really happy to have someone to share this with because we just learned to deal with it alone. I live in a small town in N.C. and only few doctors could even do the laser treatments when we first found out. So I would love to hear from other's or get more insight about hemangioma's to really explain it better to my son.
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