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Yes. I have a large facial birthmark on the left side of my face involing chin, bottom lip, cheek, left ear and extends into my head and neck and chest. I also have a large patch on my back.

The good thing ? is your child is gonna be real happy first couple of years until they begin to understand why other kids look at them different, make comments etc...I knew i was different in kindygarden but it wasn't until maybe 1st or 2nd year primary school it started to matter.

Enjoy the time while your kid is still just a kid. She's healthy, has so much to learn just like the rest of babies. Take it as it comes.

If you feel like you cannot talk to your husband, I think do not heistate to get consuelling for yourself either. Its not your fault. It just happens. Your a mother and i think its natural how you feel but you will one day soon be able to not feel so down and focus on keeping her healthy.

when she's starts to bring boys home, doing drugs, drink, comes home late, has promiscous unprotected sex while still under the age of 13 then you know you have a problem. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I can't really comment on having other children. My mother had several pregnacies but gave birth to 3 babies. 1st, she died after birth from other complications but no birthmark. 2nd, my brother was born with his cord wrap around his neck. no birthmark. 3rd, me. I have a birthmark.

So, you could very well have perfectly healthy babies

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