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Default After Laser #4

Ouest had her fourth laser treatment the other day. It went very well, as usual. She handles these really well. They don't seem to cause her any more pain than a shot.

The last two treatment there hasn't been any real obvious results. The Dr. says this is because it is getting better. There isn't as much hemangioma near the surface to burn and scab up.

We also treated a small H on her right bicep. It is only about the size of the tip of a pencil, but whenever it begins to rise up a little bit we hit it with the laser. This one hasn't progressed at all either and we aren't too concerned.

Anyway, here is a pic the day of the treatment. It's slightly more swollen for a couple of days afterwards, but then goes back down but with less color than before.

All the best.

Pat and Ali
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