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Looking for anyone who may have had a similar experience. My daughter Becca has CMTC and has struggled with body temp. issues since birth. These are getting better but her hearing has also been a concern. My question is if anyone has had hearing issues related to CMTC. The other thing is that as the temp. is getting warmer we are seeing improvement in the hearing. I am wondering if the hearing could be related to the temp. just like the body temp. regulation and activity levels are. I asked the audiologist if she thought her hearing issues could be related to CMTC since there is inconsistency in the amount she is affected. She didn't know. I do think there is some relation having to do with her vascular system. She did say that there are many very small blood vessels supplying the ear and that if flow isn't good that could affect this. We know that her hearing is lower through the air and better on her bone. We also know that her ear drum is not functioning properly. They told us that is usually related to ear infections but that doesn't seem to be the case with Becca since she has only had one ear infection (no family history of chronic ear infections in our other children either-two other ear infections total in my other three kids). I haven't found anything about hearing issues in my research but it was a question the pediatric derm. that diagnosed her asked. At the time we saw her we didn't realize hearing was an issue because she was so visual we thought she was hearing everything. The hearing issues were noted when she was screened for Birth to Three services. The concern is that we see so much inconsistency in her hearing that the audiologist doesn't think we can correct it because she does hear some of the time. I am worried because as a teacher I know that any auditory input you miss in school has a huge impact on learning. I worry that for her she is missing a lot of input when she is not hearing. Speech/commmuication is also starting to improve and the speech teacher agrees with me that there must be some connection to the temperature because she is seeing this same change in her hearing. We have had huge changes in communication in the past month. Communication skills are so closely related to hearing that we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to give Becca the best start.
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