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I will be asking the pediatric derm. about it when we go back to see her. Unfortunately we will not see her until July. I was hoping if someone else had experience I could get some input since, I believe, she will be the last doctor we see when we return to Mayo. We will see the audiology before we see her and the audiology knows nothing about CMTC just like the other audiologist we saw.

I haven't asked the CMTC expert since that never works for me (I can't ever ask an expert for some reason). I will give it another try though.

The audiologist that we saw in April said we should try to talk a doctor into putting tubes in her ears (most won't want to since she doesn't have chronic ear infection) because of the ear drum function issue but I don't want to do that when we don't even know what is causing the issue. If it is related to her vascular system putting tubes in is going to do no good.

I understand what you are saying about hearing what they want to hear-our 8 year old is the same way!
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