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Default Herabl Treatments for PWS instead of laser

My daughter was born oct 2003 with a PWS on her entire right arm. We have decided to forgo laser treatments at this time after several consultations with a vascular birthmark surgeon. We feel when she is older, if the birthmark bothers her, then we will supporther decision to treat. I jsut wanted to know if there are any other parents out there with a situation similar to mine or any members with a PWS on their arm. I just wanted to know if in the future, her PWS will affect her arm and muscle development. The doctor said she might need pysical threapy later to work with her arm muscles. She is 3 months old now and seems to be using the arm great. No dofference form the left.
Also, I was wondering if anyone has experience or experimented with an herbal treatment. A herboligist I know suggested yarrow tea and/or yarrow tincture applied topically to the arm.
Thank you for your replies.
JM Leeming
Michele 10 4 03
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