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The last couple of days we had noticed that Becca didn't seem to be hearing very well again. We were surprised because her hearing had been so much better since the temperature had increased. Well she woke up yesterday screaming bloody murder. She now has a double ear infection again. The doctor thought we were nuts because she said as bad as it was she should have been screaming for days. She hadn't even been crying when she went to bed the night before. She said her pain tolerance must be incredibly high. That makes me wonder how many other ear infections that she has had that we never caught because she didn't get crabby. I am beginning to think I should try to find a doctor to do tubes because this is getting a little crazy. I think I would be able to talk someone into it since these ear infections just keep coming back and we know that her hearing already has issues. I can't wait to see Becca's doctors at Mayo in July and get their take on her hearing issues and see if they think this is related to her CMTC.
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