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Hi and welcome!

Technically, you do not have a hemangioma. Hemangioma always involute by the time the child hits puberty. What it sounds like you have is an arteriovenous malformation. The word hemangioma was used incorrectly years ago to describe what you have. But it is an important distinction, because the treatments are entirely different.

For example,
My advise to any parent with a child who has a intramuscular Hemangioma, would be to, if at all possible, to stay away from surgery, as it only makes matters worse.
For a parent of a child with hemangioma, surgery is usually a wonderful thing and it almost always resolves the hemangioma. For someone with AVM, surgery is not always the most helpful thing.

You need a specialist, though... you need to see someone who will give you the correct advice and treatment plan. Where are you located?

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