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Default Questions about my VM and effects on skin!

I've had/known about the VM in my left arm since I was about 18 (I'm 23 now). It started cause problems because I was into martial arts at the time. I was referred to a surgeon who told me it wasn't serious and that I should pretty much just avoid contact sports. I recently took up martial arts but I've been avoiding physical contact with my left arm.

2 days ago I accidentally got hit right on VM (the little bump). Anyways my arm swelled and now I have bruising all over my left arm (first time it has bruised this much).

So I'm seeing a plastic surgeon shortly to schedule treatment (sclerotherapy). Anyways bits of my arm(skin) look waxy and the hair growth in those areas is also stunted?(the hair is really hard to see). If the schlerotherapy is successful will my skin return to normal or should I also be seeing a dermatologist?
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