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Default Can anyone share LM on neck??

I'm back again, going on various on line search looking for success stories of anyone with infants with LM on left neck?? I am grateful with with this website with an abundance of support and information; i even read threads way back in 2005 posted by families. I'm curious to see how they are doing now? I know back then there was little resources and support on LM compared to what we have now. My daughter looks normal at age 1yrs old having done sclerotherapy at age 6months, however, she has come down with a bad cold and high fever for past two days. I am starting to see her left neck swell with each cough. I am so nervous everytime she gets sick. Anyone?? I'm hopeful she will do fine pending a procedure called percutaneous embolization by UCLA interventional radiogist. Doctors tell me I have to wait till she gets bigger so her body would respond better.

Can anyone shed some success stories? I'm curious how the 2005, 2006 families are doing now? Anyone with similar experiences, please let me know. I need your support.....Thank you and God Bless.
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