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Default Laser number 5

Ouest had her fifth laser treatment yesterday. She did very well, as always. She is becoming a little more aware however, and we're anticipating this becoming a little more traumatic in the coming months as she realizes she is about to get hurt. Even if it is only for a quick moment.

Dr. Delfanian says it looks very good. He says the superficial H that was on the edge of her nostril when we began all of this in Feb. has all be disappeared. There is virtually no more red coloring. All that is really left now is the deep H, which thankfully doesn't seem to have progressed at all. We're hopeful that we'll begin to see a slight shrinking in this as well. If nothing else, it appears that as Ouest's nose grows the size of the deep H stays the same, making it less and less noticeable.

She also has an H on her right bicep that we've been treating whenever it begins to raise up. It is about the size of a pencil eraser. It hasn't presented any problems either. The laser flattens it right out and leaves it looking like just a small bruise.

Anyway, done for another month and feeling good.

This was taken just a couple of hours after the treatment. Within a couple of days the slight redness ("burning") will disappear and the little bit of swelling will go down too.

Oh, I should also mention this. When the doctor first saw her he told us that her eyelids and the V on her forehead were also Hemangiomas. Her eyelids appeared sort of "veiny" I guess is how I'd describe them. The V on her forehead is exactly as you'd picture it as it seems like so many children have this. Anyway, the eyelids have begun to look much better and are about 75% clear now. Her V is still there, but comes and goes seemingly based on her mood and how much sleep she's gotten.

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