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Default Missing Doctor :(

Not to steal attention away from your post ... We meet you at dr delfonians office. We have the girl we the large upper lip hemangioma our girls played.. Nice to see your progress with your daughter... Anyways not to babble but we had an appt for the 4th of june and went to the nicollet address and his office was stripped no name plate or anything left.. I'm guessing he moved offices? I hope so since we got no notice and travelled down there to find nothing we even called the building manager and they didn't know he had moved his practice... Any advice/information you have would be awesome... We don't want to have to find another doc so soon after having positive results. Please private message or if you can text our cell phone it would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks Karl Jen Kyira Kamryn and Kaylynn... (218-280-5994)
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