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Default New here, had 1st embolization treatment 1.5 wks ago

My name is Lindsey. I'm 29 and have a venous malformation in my lower left leg to my toes. I just had my first embolization treatment with Dr. Yakes on May 27th. I didn't do any research on this treatment before I jumped in. I was given a good amount of information but I don't remember anything being said about possible nerve damage, maybe it was mentioned but just too much information to retain at one time. Anyway, I'm experiencing ALOT of pain on top of my foot and even more on top of my big toe, the major parts they treated during the procedure. When I touch the inside of my foot, it feels tingly and numbish. Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon? I'm still limping around and have to elevate my foot (even a couple seconds helps) and keep my leg/foot at a 90 degree angle. If I straighten my foot, it feels like it just fills with blood and gets "tight" which causes the worst pain. My next treatment is in late July. I want to know of embolization treatment in the foot and how much pain post-procedure and when *crossing fingers* it might go away.
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