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i had my first baby, a girl, 2 months ago. when she was born she had marks around her eyes, on her eyebrows, and on both sides of her upper lip. the doctor said they were stork bites and that they would fade within one year and by 3 years they should be completely faded. instead, they have spread they are now around both her eyes, eyebrowns, on both temples, her forehead, on top of her head, back of her neck, a few on her belly and on her chin. so we went to see another doctor and he said they were portwine stains, he also said they would fade within a year and could take up to 3-4 years to fade completely. then i went home and researched portwine stains and apparently those dont fade in time, and i really got myself worried reading about portwine stains and thankfully i stumbled upon this website and saw some pictures of other peoples babies who had bad stork bites. it made me feel better and i'm hoping my baby doesn't have any permanent birth marks. i'll add a picture and if anyone can help me and let me know if it looks like anything their babies have had and if it will fade that would be super. we have another appointmen with a doctor in 10 days and i will definately be asking some questions but i have been worried sick!! (k i dont know how to add a picture.. if someone can help me with that i'll post one!!)
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