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HI there. I know how annoying the comments can be. My daughter has an upper lip hemangioma too. She is 5 now. We got lots and lots of comments when she was a baby and young toddler, but I really have to say the last few years have not been bad at all (partly because it has involuted so much)...hardly anyone says anything. I don't think one child ever asked about it in preschool, which she was in from ages 3-5. So there is hope!!! When I look back now, I think how I was lucky that all the comments were made before she even knew at all or cared. It was just a pain for me because I was so sensitive about it.

So sometimes, I would explain to people about hemangiomas and other times I would just say, "It's a birthmark" and be on my way. By the way, two of my daughters have had pretty significant hemangiomas. One daugther required treatment, the other one, the wait and see approach....both based on the same doctor's we have been there in terms of the wait and see.

Hopefully you will start to see some change in a few months. As soon as my daughters' hemangiomas started to involute I found my anxiety decreased significantly. I really could start to believe, "Oh, it really DOES go away" It seems so impossible at first.

So hang in there. You will get there.
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