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Default I know the feeling....

Hi Lindsey,

I'm 23 and have an AVM on my lower left leg as well, just above my ankle. I went to Dr. Rosen's office in NY three years ago and had 3 embolizations over the course of about 7 months. The area around the AVM was swollen and there was a large swollen vein going from the AVM up to my knee. I was a very active person, including running cross country and track (up to 60 miles a week) in both high school and college (I was a sophomore in college when I had the procedures.) After my first procedure, Dr. Rosen told me I could resume normal activity within 3 days, if I felt up to it. After the procedure, it took a solid 2 weeks before I could walk without limbing, and put pressure on my foot without it feeling like my foot was just filling with blood. Forget about running and doing anything like that. It was scary and frustrating because I had never been injured before, so it was very new to me. They just told me to be patient and to keep walking around so that it would feel better (I did ZERO walking around in the hospital after the embolization.) My next procedure was 2 months later, and I was up walking with zero pain immediately after getting to my recovery room. I was absolutely fine with that one. I think the reason the first one took so long was because they worked on the majority of the AVM at that time, and I was nervous to try to do too much at once because i didn't know what it should feel like. Don't panic if it takes a little longer for you to recover. I know it's not at all a good feeling, and I remember thinking I had to keep my foot elevated too. Just go for short walks or put your foot down for little periods of time and it'll get better soon (my parents were always on me to walk and to lower my leg, even when I didn't want to. Trust me, it helps in the long run!) And the next procedure will most likely be a lot better for you -- my second and third ones were a breeze after getting through the first one!

I hope this was somewhat helpful for you! You aren't alone! Hang in there-- you'll get through it just fine! Hope it's a speedy recovery from here! Good luck with everything.

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