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Default update and a question

I had 2 laser treatments with the new laser since I posted this question. After the first treatment with the new laser I got really good results. I could tell that my pws has faded (I had such good results only from the very first 2-3 laser treatments I have had and I have had 12). Because there was visible fading I got another treatment(my 12th one) 3 months later with the new laser, but the results were not as good. Sucks... But I do think that the new perfecta was better than the older one.

Has anyone's birthmark gotten darker or brighter after a laser treatment? I am not talking about it getting darker for the 7-14 days after the treatment. I am talking about it getting darker/brighter about a month after treatment. I am pretty sure that my pws had actually gotten darker after my 5th (or so) treatment. I had someone else notice that, too.
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