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I just joined and wanted to share that my daughter has a lower lip hemangioma. In fact, her entire bottom lip has a hemangioma. She's almost 4 and just had surgery to remove part of the tumor so her lip is more normal sized. When she was 3 months old about 90% of her lip ulcerated. Only one small spot in the middle didn't. Thank goodness, that was the only way to get the bottle in her mouth to eat. She actually has several hemangiomas on her face, one by her ear, one on her cheek, several on her chin, and then her lip. She was on prednisone orally, then it was injected directly into her lip, pulsed dye laser treatment, and now the surgery. For us, surgery was a no brainer basically because she already has scaring from the ulcerations when she was a baby. That's great that your daughters hemangioma hasn't ulcerated. I wish my Ella's didn't.

I totally feel you with the comments people make. Everyday that I go out with her, someone says, "Awww, look at her. Did you eat blueberries?" or something of the sort. How her hemangiomas can look like food to some people will always make me wonder...Kids are actually much better about it. They'll just flat out ask me what is on her face and I explain it to them. When kids ask my daughter she replies with "they're my marks" and leaves it at that.
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