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Hi -
I also have a lymphangioma of the right hip and thigh. I am 42 and even though Drs. said that I would never have children, my children are 6, almost 4, and 22 months. I had surgery to remove the tumor when I was 8 months (they removed 10lbs) and then again when I was 22 years old. Both times the tumor grew back within 3-6 months. When I was 22 they tried sclerotherapy, but it did nothing that I could tell. Blader problems were fixed when I was 3 or 4 : the dr went in and stretched my blader. I still have some incontenance. The tumor, though uncomfortable and ugly, causes no major problems. I get tired easily if I walk or stand too much. And it realy swells when I am pregnant or drink too much caffeene.
Hope this helps someone.
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