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Default diagnosis and treatment of Abdominal Lymphatic Malformation

My 4 yo daughter recently was diagnosed of Abdominal Lymphatic Malformation. But according to the doctor, it is not a 100% sure diagnosis. Other possibilities include mesenteric cyst or duplication cyst. Ovarian cyst is also possible but very unlikely.

Both ultrasound and MRI have been done. Is it unusual that there is no definite diagnosis even with ultrasound and MRI? Did most people get a definite diagnosis with LM?

Even though the doctor is not 100% sure, but I guess that it is most likely LM.

I did some online search and found the paper from Dr William Shiels at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. From the paper, it seems that percutaneous sclerotherapy is very effective and recurrence is very rare. Currently I am thinking to do percutaneous sclerotherapy as a first choice. Anyone had experience with Dr Shiels or Nationwide Children's hospital?
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