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Just Harmony
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Default Hemangioma or Venous Malformation?

My daughter, age 14 months, recently had an MRI for a lump on her left leg. It is about the size of half of a cherry tomato and is colorless. It doesn't appear to bother her and isn't too noticeable.

Upon completing the MRI, the doctor (a pediatric surgeon) informed us that he was unable to determine if she had a hemangioma or a venous malformation (he used the term lymphangioma). To make an accurate diagnosis, he is recommending a biopsy. According to him, he will know what it is the moment he looks at it. Moreover, he stated that if she had a VM, he could come out during the surgery, tell us and let us decide on the spot to remove it or leave it. All of this can take place as early as this Friday. However, we've decided that we will not schedule the surgery for any earlier than February 13th. We need time to research and think before making a decision.

Now, I know one of the biggest differences between the two is when they appear. However, because my daughter's is relatively unnoticeable, it is possible I missed seeing it until she was 9-10 months of age. I don't think I did, but it is likely. I only found it because I was feeling her leg one day while she was nursing.

My question is . . . is it possible to determine which one she has without doing the biopsy? He said there were a few other things he could try (ultrasound and/or some sort of test), but he didn't think they would be conclusive. In his opinion, the best way to make the determination is to get in there and look at it, then remove if necessary.

Might anyone here be able to offer some suggestions?

BTW, because I am confused as to what she has, I have posted this under the Hemangioma topic as well. My apologies in advance if this is unacceptable.

Just Harmony
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