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She knows a couple of signs but will not use them on a regular basis. She has a few words - mama, dada, uh-oh. She is really good at grabbing things she wants-finding toy food (or cans out of the pantry) when she wants food and her sisters' doll bottles (our her own juice) when she wants something to drink. She is making some sounds but we notice on the days that she is not hearing well she also communicates much less. The audiologist at Mayo felt her communication should be better (especially since she is so smart and so good at problem solving). This was frustrating because I had felt her communication was behind but the last audiologist that she saw said that her communication was fine. I thought I could have confidence in her because before she became an audiologist she was a speech therapist. It is frustrating for us because we take steps forward (the CMTC and cardiology) and then take more steps back (hearing). Just now she grabbed a brush because that means "brush my hair". But if we don't understand she cries and gets very upset.
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