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Default Hi New Person here

Hi Everyone,

I was recommended to this site from a friend whose DD has Hemangioma and I've talked with her about my DS's possible CMTC. My son is almost 18 mos and since birth I've noticed the splotchy, marbled appearance on his skin. His complexion is very fair (like my husband, where mine is olive) so I just thought it was b/c of that.

My SIL also has very fair, skin similar to my son with the occasional splotches, esp when she's cold. She ALSO had atrophy in one leg as a child, spent time with the March of Dimes, etc. I'll be quizzing her more about it this weekend...

This all got me thinking, Henry- my son- was average (50% at birth for height and weight with a larger head circumference 70%). Now he's dropped off the chart in height (<5%) and very low for weight (10-15%) but his head is still 85%. (DH and I are both very AVERAGE sized. His spotchiness is on both legs, very evenly distributed and very, very light on his arms. None on his chest/back trunk.

His vision is fine, hearing selective (as most 18mos are!), verbal skills good. He's active, physical, happy, playful, loving and connected.

Am I over thinking this? Am I a hypochondraic? Is it possible he does have CMTC? We go for his 18 mo Ckup in 2 weeks and I want to be prepared w/ questions.

Can I PIP here? Or attach a link similar to his symptoms?

Thanks for listening everyone.
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