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Originally Posted by abatie View Post
Your child's coloring doesn't look like CMTC to me but remember I am not an expert. My daughter's coloring is always present but does get lighter or darker depending on the temperature. Your child's looks more like cutis marmorata (rather than CMTC) which is common in infants. Becca was initially diagnosed with cutis marmorata. She was correctly diagnosed by a pediatric dermatologist. It would be great if you could post another picture that is more recent.
Hmm, I guess I though they were one in the same, just different values, if you will. Please keep in mind I am UBER new to this whole thing.... I'll still try to take another pic. Can you tell me how they differ in looks, etc? Thanks for all your info already!

Originally Posted by KatieG View Post
Hey Sara! That is how Madeline's is as well. She has some splotchy marks on the bottom of her left leg that I am concerned about. I am taking her to a derm but I am not convinced it is CMTC fully. Has he seen a dermatologist?
Hi Katie, I'm taking him to the Pedi in a couple weeks for his 18 MO ckup, and talk to his Pedi about it. See what he thinks about getting a referral to a specialist, if needed. I'll keep you posted! XOXO
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