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Cutis maramorata is vein look that most babies get to so degree. It is usually on hands and arms, and even legs. It is really common and gets better and less frequent with age. CMTC on the other had is always present (day or night, warm or cold) and can look more like patches. Becca's is sometimes red and a little splotchy when she is warm but much less noticeable. Most of the time it is more of a purple to very dark purple in large patches (not just a vein pattern). At other times she has a very deep purple vein pattern (where as on the picture of your child it looks like blue veins that are just more noticeable than an adult because of immature skin). Cutis marmorata and CMTC are very different. Please remember I am not an expert but rather a mom who has learned a lot about this in the past 6 months.
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