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Default Itchy skin w/lymphatic malformation?

Hi, my 7 year old daugher has a mixed lymphatic & venous malformation with thrombii in her right upper thigh. She was dx when she was 1.5 yrs old. Thoughout the years she goes into these fits of extreme insatiable itchiness all over her body. I have tried everything to soothe her itchy skin: switched body wash to Aveeno & prescribed products; I had her undergo skin allergy testing @ least twice (I feel horrible for making her endure that); switched laundry detergent, tried every anti-irritating, allergy approved detergent on the market; I spent hundreds of $$ on lotions, solvents, creams, gels, etc; I spent hundreds more $$ on pediatric allergists and dosed her up with twice the recommended doage of Benadryl, Zyrtec, Singulair, Clairtin, Xyzal, Clainex and the like. All to no relief.

I was wondering if it all has to do with her lymphatic system getting haywired. I notice she has these itching fits and then several days later her leg wiill act up, get inflamed and painful. She is a very happy child - she even wakes up happy - except for the days when her leg is bothering her.

Has anyone else experienced sensitive skin or generalize itchyness? Are there any antibodies or inflamations in the blood that our docs should be checking for? Please advise
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