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We use Timolol on my daughter's small deep eyelid H and on her pencil eraser size superficial cheek H (that we also lasered starting at 1 1/2 months). We started Timolol when she was 3 1/2 months old and it really keep her eyelid H at bay. It never grew big enough to block her pupil and now at 7 months the H is pretty much gone...only if you really look would you notice a slight puffiness. The Timolol also stopped the "purpleness" of the H by the time she was 4 1/2 months, so even when it was a bit bigger people didn't really notice it like they did before the Timolol. I also think the Timolol has sped up her cheek hemagioma's involution. We lasered her cheek 6 times, as well as use timolol twice a day. We stopped lasering her cheek at 5 months but continued the Timolol and now 2 months later her cheek H is flatter and only has a light red ring around a white center. Much improved - most people think it's a boo boo. I really think the treatments have taken us from waiting until she's 3-5 for the H's to be gone to probably being all gone by 1 or 1 1/2. None of the treatment choices we used (laser and Timolol) were too evasive or caused any side effects.
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