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Thank you all for your replies...
We have an appt for the pediatric allergist - we will revisit the allergies. So far pediatrician and vasc anomaly docs are convinced the itchines is allergy related. oookkkaayyyyy

@David I am sorry your granddaughter is going through the mixed malf too.
My daughter's itchiness is from head to toe - not confined to the malf site. Her malf also turn various colors and get hard and crusty. So far it has bled outward only once. We had the consult with the interv. radiologist and truthfully - we do not want to subject her to the treatment at this time. Her condition is 'mild' so we have time on our side right now.

If you don't mind me asking, was your granddaughter in much pain post procedure? How long was recovery time?

In 2005 & 2009 she had MRI of affected area and it was originally thought to be just confined to upper right thigh, but 2 weeks ago, she was sitting on the floor playing and complained of pain on lower buttock. Day 2 of complaint, I checked and boy those veinous were very pronounced.

We just had a 2nd opinion and they want to repeat MRI and discuss the sclerotheraphy again. We were recommended a book to read: 100 Q&A about Vascular ANomalies by Dr Francine Blei ( she was our 2nd opinion recommended by our current vasc anomaly speciatist).

So far the only real 'treatment" we have provided is Tylenol and/or MOtrin as needed and compression garment panyhose as tolerated by a young child.

I will keep your granddaughter in our prayers - please update me on her progress & treatment options as well. I am very interested,

Thank you.
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