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I also work for St John - I am a nurse practitioner. The MRI can't be done until 6 mo because of development etc. It is done to rule out Sturge-Webber Syndrome. He will also need to see an opthomologist in the next few months and regularly to rule out glaucoma. I know this is all very overwhelming. When our son Jonathan was born we took him to Childrens Hospital, Providence (Dr Forte) and to UofM (Dr Fader), along with Dr Shaheen. We started with Dr Shaheen when I was working at Beaumont. I know Dr Shaheen doesn't take your insurance, but I would check with Dr Forte (he works out of Providence which is owned by St John) and Dr Fader. They are both excellent. Feel free to email me at and I will give you my phone number if you want more details.
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