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My daughter had a forehead hemangioma, removed at 8 months with Dr. Reinisch as well. Her scar also looked great at first, and as time progresses, is actually looking worse. She is 2 years post-op now. She has very prominent dog ears (points on either end of the scar) that I was never advised could potentially happen with this type of excision, to my disappointment. I am now seeking scar revision therapy with Dr. Nelson at UCI. I wish I had explored more laser treatment options at first and not gone with such a definitive treatment right out of the gate. As one of the moderators posted, Dr. Waner paraphrasing said, "surgeons like to cut, dermatologists prescribe meds, and laser surgeons do lasers". Doctors recommend what they know best, but it's not necessarily best for your child. You really have to weigh everything and go with your gut. I was strongly encouraged to excise her hamangioma as this option, I was told, was the best option for my daughter's size and location. I wrestle with the decision every day. Now that I am left with an undesirable scar and I see a lot of other people's success with lasers, I wish I had known about other doctors and experiences. I am hopeful that Dr. Nelson can improve her remaining scar.
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